I was just pondering what could make the Blake Archive better (though, as I’ve said, I love it), and I started to think about the effect of incorporating music into it. Obviously, the music could be muted, but how would we feel about this? Would it somehow be corrupting Blake if we played music whilst reading him, because I confess I listened to Gregorian chant when I read “Marriage”.

I suppose I’m pondering how digitizing something can be like an adaptation, partly because it helps me understand what is going on more! So I decided to look up Blake “adaptations” on youtube:

One has music, images, but almost no words.

In another, the creator picks and chooses what words and images to include, but one still gets a sense of Blake’s work.

How do we feel about these clips? And how would we feel if the Blake Archive provided music? Eliza mentioned a lack of cohesion- could adding music and perhaps making the pages more “turnable” help with this?